Invited Scientific Lectures
(selected, according to international relvance)

Weninger WJ, Meng S, Müller GB, Mohun T                        
EFIC: a rapid 3D-gene-expression screening method based on episcopic images 
Experimental Biology, New Orleans, USA (2002)    
FASEB J 16 (2002): A1092

Weninger W, Mohun, T                                         
Cardiac phenotyping of transgenic embryos: A rapid 3D-screening method based on episcopic fluorescence imaging capturing (EFIC).
The 3rd International Amsterdam Mouse Symposium (2002)            
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology 29 (2002): A70-A71

Weninger W.J., Streicher J., Müller G.                             
3D tools in virtual embryology                             
ISHPSSB, Vienna 2003 (2003)        

Weninger W.J.                                         
3D reconstruction in embryology                                     
Jenaer Kolloquien, Jena (2003)

Weninger W.
micro-MRI and episcopic 3D imaging
EMBO Practical Course on 3D Developmental Imaging, Oeiras (2008)

Weninger W.J.
Episcopic 3D imaging 
3. Graduiertenforum der Fachgruppe Morphologie (Uni Wien), Wien (2010)

Weninger W. J.                    
High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy and the HREM-µMRI pipeline
EMBO Practical Course on 3D Developmental Imaging, Oeiras (2010)

Weninger W.J.
Morphogenesis of the brain
2nd Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course (2011)

Geyer S.H., Dorn M, Maurer B, Weninger WJ
Visualising embryonic blood vessels and measuring their dimensions by using the High-resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) technique
54th Symposium of the Society for Histochemistry, Vienna (2012)

Weninger WJ
Morphogenesis of the human brain 
3rd hands on white matter dissection course, Istanbul (2012)

Weninger WJ
Post mortem 3D Imaging
EMBO Practical Course on 3D Developmental Imaging, Oeiras (2012)

Weninger WJ
Phenotyping embryos
1st DMDD Meeting, London (2013)

Weninger WJ
Morphogenesis of the human brain
4th Istanbul Neurosurgery Course, Istanbul (2013)

Weninger WJ
Imaging Embryos
Imaging in Life Sciences Workshop V, Vienna (2013)

Weninger WJ
High-resolution episcopic microscopy (HREM: Method and applications in biomedical research
Mouse Clinical Institut, ICS, Strasbourg (2014)

Weninger WJ
Imaging mouse embryos with HREM
Mouse Models of Disease, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Cambridge (2014)

Weninger WJ
Development of the human brain
5th Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course, Istanbul (2014)

Weninger WJ
Annotating HREM Data
IMPC Embryo Workshop, Barcelona (2014)

Weninger WJ, Rose J, Geyer SH 
Phenotyping E14.5 mouse embryos
DMDD meeting 2015, London (2015)

Weninger WJ
Development of the human brain
6th Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course, Istanbul (2015)

Tzou CJ, Meng S, Tinhofer I, Steinbacher J, Roka-Palkovits J, Reissig L, Lin CM, Weninger WJ, Rath T, Cheng M
Surgical anatomy of the vascularized submental lymphnode flap: a fresh cadaveric stduy and clinical implications
5th World Symposium fpr Lymphedema Surgery, Taipei-Linkou, TW (2016)

Roka-Palkovits J, Keck M, Tinhofer I, Steinbacher J, Pona I, Meng S, Cheng MH, Weninger W, Rath T, Tzou CJ
Retroauricular lymph node flap: anatomic and surgical feasibility study
5th World Symposium for Lymphedema Surgery, Taipei-Linkou, TW (2016)

Geyer SH, Szumska D, Reissig L, Rose J, Weninger WJ
Novel phenotypes in E14.5 mouse embryos
DMDD Meeting 2016, London (2016)

Weninger WJ
Embryogenesis of the human brain
7th Istanbul Microsurgery Course, Istanbul (2016)

Weninger WJ
Expert screen of E14.5 mouse embryos
Addenbrooks Hospital Seminar, Cambridge (2016)

Weninger WJ, Rose J Reissig LH, Maurer-Gesek B, Geyer SH
Liver phenotypes of E14.5 mouse embryos in the deciphering the mechanisms of developmental disorders (DMDD) prorgam
Institute of Hepatoloy, London (2017)

Weninger WJ
Formation of the human brain
8th Hand on white matter dissection course, Istanbul (2017)

Weninger WJ
High resolution episcopic microscopy (HREM) - visualisation of organic material
Inaugural Meeting ViCEM, TU Wien (2017)

Weninger WJ
Anatomy of the facial nerve
Facial Palsy Course, MedUni Wien (2017)

Weninger WJ, Rose J, Reissig LH, Maurer-Gesek B, Szumska D, Geyer SH
The phenotype of E14.5 mouse embryos produced in the DMDD program - abnormalities of the liver
Liver Disease Research Forum, Center for Liver Research, University of Birmingham (2017)

Weninger WJ
Methods of Modern Anatomy
Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration Annual Meeting 2018, Wien

Weninger WJ, Geyer SH, Szumska D, Mohun TJ
Phenotyping E14.5 embryos in the DMDD programm
Wellcome Trust Meeting (2018), London

Weninger WJ
3D microscopy for visualising biomedical models & human tissues
1st MIC Festival (2018), Wien

Weninger WJ
Echocardiographie/Anatomie - Blended Learning
Impulsfrühstück der VetMed Wien (2018), Wien