Medical University of Vienna

Organisation & Administration of Core & Additive Seminars (Medicals)

            Students (all semesters)
                           e.g.: anatomia practica, dissecting classes,...

            Diploma students (higher semesters)
                           interdisciplinary methods seminars,...

Coordination of Neuroanatomy & Stearing Team for Block 19, MUW
             Students (6th semester)

Participation in international students exchange programs
             Students (all semesters)

Curriculum Coordinator 
Block 19 (Integrated teaching modul "Brain & Nervous System")

               Students (6th semester)

Curriculum Coordinator OM2 (Integrated line element)

               Students (6th semester)

Stearing Team for "Organmorphology 3"
               Students (6th semester)

Joint Stearing Team of "Organmorphology 1, 2 & 3"

               Students (semester 4, 5 & 6)

Universities of Applied Sciences

Development Board for Bachelor Study “Physiotherapy”

(2005 -)

             IMC-Krems, NÖ
             FH-Campus Wien, Vienna 
             FH St Pölten

Development Board for Bachelor Study “Occupational Therapy”
(2011 & 2016)

          IMC-Krems, NÖ

Development Board for Bachelor Study "Midwifery"


            FH-Campus Wien, Vienna

Organisation & Administration of Hands-on Sessions for Physiotherapists

             Students (1st & 2nd semester)