Medical University of Vienna

Organisation & Administration of Core & Additive Seminars (Medicals)

            Students (all semesters)
                           e.g.: anatomia practica, dissecting classes,...

            Diploma students (higher semesters)
                           interdisciplinary methods seminars,...

Coordination of Neuroanatomy & Stearing Team for Block 19, MUW
             Students (6th semester)

Participation in international students exchange programs
             Students (all semesters)

Coordination of integrated teaching modul Block 19 (Neurology)
               Students (6th semester)

Stearing Team for "Organmorphology 3"
               Students (6th semester)

Universities of Applied Sciences

Development Board for Bachelor Study “Physiotherapy”

(2005 -)

             IMC-Krems, NÖ
             FH-Campus Wien, Vienna 

Development Board for Bachelor Study “Occupational Therapy”
(2011 & 2016)

          IMC-Krems, NÖ

Development Board for Bachelor Study "Midwifery"


            FH-Campus Wien, Vienna

Organisation & Administration of Hands-on Sessions for Physiotherapists

             Students (1st & 2nd semester)