Hands on Workshops for Physiotherapists & Manual therapists

Functional Anatomy of the human body, FBA
Refresher Anatomy, ÖVMPT
Anatomy of the spinal chord, ÖVMPT
Anatomy of the neck, ÖVMPT

Anatomy of the pelvis, ÖVMPT
Brachial plexus, ÖVMPT
Vertebral column & back muscles, ÖVMPT
Disscetion of muscles and joints, ÖVMPT
Anatomy of the pelvic floor, UPGG
Vertebral column a& spinal chord, ÖVMPT

Faculty of postgraduat teaching courses


Surgeons (various fields)

Member of international course faculties

2nd International Tractography Workshop, Vienna
2nd Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course, Istanbul
3rd International Tractography Workshop, Vienna
3rd Hands on white matter course, Istanbul
4th International Tractography Workshop, Vienna
4th Microneurosurgery course, Istanbul
5th International Tractography Worshop, Vienna
5th Hands on White Matter Dissection Course & Live Surgery, Istanbul

Hands on Workshops for CranioSacralTherapists

Embryogenesis, Anatomy & Topology of Respiratory and Cardiovascular System, Upledger
Embryogenesis, Anatomy & Topology of Alimentary and Urogential System, Upledger
Embryogenesis, Anatomy & Topology of Nervous System, Upledger

Hands on Workshops for Manus

Locomotion System
Stratigraphy of Body Walls & Topology of Organs